Maminza is a personal law firm that specialises in commercial law. From our two offices in Sweden we support clients both nationally and internationally.

We combine accessibility and expertise with close long-term partnerships with our clients. An essential aspect of our work is to know and understand our client’s business activities, which enables us to optimise the advice we provide.

One of the many benefits of the work we undertake is being part of our client’s everyday operations, which allows us to experience the high levels of commitment and focus on entrepreneurship that exists in both large and small companies. We value the trust that our clients place in us, which we reciprocate with loyalty, expertise, and a high level of availability.


International expansion should not be hindered by uncertainty about other countries’ laws.

We have long experience of international negotiations and combine this with a network of quality-assured specialists throughout the world.

Entrepreneurs are aware that risk is a natural part of commercial life. We consequently help our clients manage risks and provide security through offering guidance and analyses.

We are growing, but we will always remain a personal and client-oriented law firm.



Our support and advice on matters of commercial law helps our clients to deal with the legal issues that are inherent in doing business.

We provide advisory support for the whole company, with focus on enabling beneficial business transactions and risk mitigation. We value our clients’ experience in their industry and knowledge of their company. Acquire our client’s internal knowledge is an integral part of our process. Our expertise in law and your experience of your industry create a strong combination.

We assist and act as support for the board of directors, management team, and CEO. We focus on solutions and help companies grow and expand nationally and internationally by establishing foundations for better and more secure collaborations. We always safeguard that synergies are created between legal aspects and your business objectives.

For many of our clients we represent a long-term business partner, continuously providing support and advice.


We offer wide-ranging expertise in business and commercial law, supported by practical business experience. Our expertise in commercial law is complemented with economic family law.

COMMERCIAL CONTRACT LAW – We have a deep understanding of commercial transactions where parties meet and develop their businesses, and the connection to legal aspects thereof. How a contract is drafted influences the path and future development of your business, or collaborative relationship. We have extensive experience of preparing clear and suitable commercial contracts in from distribution, joint ventures, purchasing, delivery, production, service undertakings, distribution agreements, to extensive programs. We also perform evaluation of existing agreements and commitments for various reasons.

CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE LAW – Real estate law is unique from country to country, but usually contains a few common characteristics and are often based upon formal requirements in law. The construction industry however, is subject to a large number of standardised general conditions of both national and international character. Drafting contracts for construction projects requires extensive professional expertise. We assist in contract drafting, interpreting standardised general conditions, as well as in any potential disputes.

We provide advice and assist in matters relating to real estate and its use. The acquisition or transfer of a property raises a number of issues. We assist our clients in connection with transfer of ownership and acquisitions.

CORPORATE LAW – As legal entities, companies are affected by legal aspects which directly or indirectly have an impact on commercial decisions. We assist in issues relating to ownership structure, board responsibilities, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, corporate restructuring, and matters relating to the corporate group. We focus on creating and form solutions adapted to the client.

COURSES – We customize courses, workshops and seminars within our areas of competence. The courses are tailored to fit the participants’ business sector, and includes the opportunity to discuss own cases and perform workshop tasks. We find that our course participants have a high level of utilization of their new knowledges in their daily work, which benefits the company.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION – We are engaged as counsel in commercial disputes before general public courts and courts of arbitration.

ECONOMIC FAMILY LAW – We provide advice and prepare relevant documentation within economic family law for our corporate clients who requests such support as a supplement to their business activities. Mainly this involves creation of – or evaluation of existing – prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and testaments.

EU AND COMPETITION LAW – We have experience of legal matters relating to the EU and of providing advice on the interpretation and implication of EU legislation. We help you to review the applicable legal restrictions on competition, analyse what constitutes effective competition, and take into account the balance between commercial interests and the legal framework.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW – We have extensive experience of infringement related issues and of acting proactively in respect of intellectual property rights on a global market. We provide expertise in preparing trademark applications and license agreements, confidentiality agreements, inventor and other agreements. Let us help you protect your ideas and increase the value of your company.

LABOUR LAW – We support employers in dealing with labour matters, including conflicts and drafting of relevant documents for the employer and employee terms. We act as an advisor in situations such as dismissals, corporate re-organisations, expatriation of employees, non-competition agreements and other human relations matters. We particularly focus on agreements with chief executives and other persons in senior positions.

MARKETING LAW – We ensure that your marketing material stands up to scrutiny. We perform risk assessments, provide advice on marketing material and assist in preparing marketing contracts, amongst others.

MERGERS & ACQUISITION – We provide advice on and manage the process involved in various types of business acquisitions. We assist throughout the whole process, from performance of due diligence to preparation and negotiation of relevant contract documents. We are used to provide support to both buyers and sellers.

PUBLIC PROCUREMENT – Public procurement legislation is often perceived to be complex and ambiguous – an obstacle that can be avoided with the right knowledge and guidance. We provide advice and assist in producing relevant information before, during, and after a procurement. For example, we assist in drafting of tenders, conclusion of contracts and managing appeals.

FINANCE AND BANK LAW – We provide support in various matters on the financing and bank market. Drafting and review of credit agreements, covenants, escrow agreements and economical guarantees are included in our support, and assessment of a company’s business portfolio for risk assessment.



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